The countdown begins for the emeritus' return to Spain. It will be in mid-March in Sanxenxoon the occasion of the regatta Sailing King's Cup in which his team (and himself) plans to participate. This trip marks his return after the scandal generated by the exclusive photographic report of his birthday party in Abu Dhabi and whose echoes still resonate in Zarzuela: “What happened was not liked at all. It was ostentatious and unnecessary.” Don Juan Carlos He knows it and wants to make amends.

From Confidential Monarchy They assure that the emeritus team is preparing everything in a very discreet way, in the same vein as his stay in Sanxenxo will take place. He will stay, again, at the house of Pedro Campos, president of the Nautical Club, where he will receive visits from friends and family. The orders are clear: stay discreet, low profile. Zarzuela will be aware of every blink.

The 6 meter class regattas that will be held in Sanxenxo are the first of the seven races that the Pontevedra estuary will host, according to the calendar published by the Galician Sailing Federation. It is scheduled for mid-March and the last one will be in November. Don Juan Carlos, who has already undergone a strict diet and exercise routine in 2023 to return to the sea, plans to participate in all of them, as long as the weather allows it.

A controversial birthday

The father of Philip VI He turned 86 on January 5 and celebrated it at a party that his close circle organized in Abu Dhabi, where he has lived since 2020. The king knew it and gave his approval: friends like Carlos Herrera or Los del Río and a multitude of relatives, like the infantas Elena and Cristina with almost all of their children. Even Mrs. Sofía was present through a video call.

What Zarzuela did not like was the leak of the images of the celebration to a Spanish publication that dedicated its cover to it. “It seems like an indiscretion to me,” the experts here criticized. “It wasn't the best decision.” Some, like Federico Jiménez Losantos, went a step further: “He cuts the insignia of the Royal House from the cake as if it were Leonor's head. He is bad and he is behaving terribly.”