Don Juan Carlos receives a visit from two ‘very dear’ friends in Abu Dhabi

The king is no longer sad. Not as much as before, at least. In recent months, her social agenda has overflowed and not only because of the outings and trips she has starred in and in which she has been radiant (in Sanxenxo and the Isle of Wight) but also because of the multiple visits she has received in the Emirates, all of them very discreet.

Many (not all) of the trips they have made have been reported to the media. the infantas Elena and Cristina to see his father. The last one, just two weeks ago. Also his grandchildrenBoth the Marichalar and the Urdangarin have traveled to embrace their grandfather, especially Froilán, who has lived in Dubai since last November, just an hour and a quarter from Don Juan Carlos’ house. Those who have not visited him in these three years have been Felipe VI and Doña Sofíaalthough he has seen them outside the country in different circumstances, such as the funeral of Constantine of Greece in Athens.

The king, who lives in a paradisiacal mansion valued at 11 million euros on the island of Nurai, has also received a visit from good friends, among them, doctor Manuel Sánchez or the president of the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo, Pedro Campos. And friends, of course. The ‘endearing’ Marta Gayáa Mallorcan businesswoman with whom Don Juan Carlos starred in a torrid youthful romance and whom many describe as “the king’s great love”, and a mysterious english woman with whom he was related for many years, according to The debate.

However, neither the visits nor the honeys of the Emirati paradise are enough for the emeritus, who dreams of returning to his country. This is how he expressed himself during his visit to the Isle of Wight, where he participated in the regattas and enjoyed the Bribón’s victory in the world championship: “Go back to Spain to stay? Sure I will.”