Aitana, in the footsteps of Shakira: the pulls for Miguel Bernardeau in his latest song

The artist is warming up for her next tour, Alpha, which opens on October 1 in Valencia and that is why she has leaked a paragraph of her new song. It’s called ‘2 Strangers’ and she has hinted that it was inspired by her relationship with Miguel Bernardeau to write it. In the purest style Shakira, the father He confesses: “It was because I was an idiot that I got that tattoo but now you’re not there” (referring to the small ‘m’ on his side).

And that’s not all: “I met you when I was 19, kisses come and kisses come. Why do I go back to that bar? If it’s cold as snow,” sings the triumphant, who met Ana Duato’s son precisely at that age.

In this new song, Aitana talks about a romance that lasted four years, the same time she shared with Bernardeau before their separation, and remember the last time you saw your ex crying on FaceTime, acknowledging that it was not the best farewell although he did express all his feelings. Furthermore, she explains that she feels no regret about the end of their relationship and highlights the irony of becoming two strangers after sharing so much time together.

Let’s remember that Aitana and Miguel maintained a sentimental relationship until last December. Four years together which ended, according to rumors, by the appearance of third parties and professional jealousy. None of them wanted to clarify the reasons for their breakup but the truth is that they have not maintained a friendship since then and they have not even greeted each other at the events in which they have met. He has rebuilt his life with actress Greta Fernández; she with the singer Sebastián Yatra.