While the Masters 1000 of Paris-Bercy trying to stay afloat on a 2020 calendar that has been seriously damaged by the health crisis, Novak Djokovic has anticipated the doubts generated by the curfew in France to announce that he will not play the tournament, scheduled from 2 to 8 November.

This has been confirmed by Nole to the Serbian media MozzartSport in the Visoko mountains, Bosnian territory that the number 1 in the world has turned into his favorite place of spiritual retreat. “At the end of the year I will play two tournaments: Vienna and London. I have not been to Vienna for almost 15 years and it is a tournament that was not in my original calendar, but I really want to play there, “explained Djokovic on what will be his roadmap to follow in the coming weeks, so he discards totally his presence in the Parisian tournament.

Without a doubt, the lack of motivation is one of the main reasons, since as current champion, Nole will not be able to score points in Paris, but also not lose them because the ranking is 'frozen', so that if a player decides not to appear in a tournament where he defends points, he will not lose any. In this sense, Vienna will suit Djokovic perfectly to expand his income at the head of the ATP ranking and prepare at the same time the London Master Finals, where last year was champion Stefanos Tsitsipas.

“This has been a pretty strange season, but I hope to finish it in the first position. That is my goal and what I keep working on. I have played a lot in the last two and a half months, with the addition that I have not been able to go out or travel a lot, first because of the restrictions and then because of the quarantine rules in the tournaments. That has left me very exhausted on a mental level. That is why I have come to recover here “, he concluded Djoker, that makes no secret of his intention to remain world leader for longer. Federer's record (310 weeks leading to 290 for the Serbian) looms on the horizon …


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