Demi Moore shares in networks the emotional birthday of Bruce Willis surrounded by his entire family, after the diagnosis of dementia

Bruce Willis has turned 68 in the best way possible; surrounded by all his family, who have sung his happy birthday and have accompanied him on that special day in which the blowing of the candles and the party were not lacking. Demi published an endearing video this Sunday of the entire family of the protagonist of The jungle of crystal Gathered to watch him blow out the candles. Bruce and his current wife Emma Heminghis ex wife, Demi Moore, in charge of sharing the moment through her social networks, and a mixture of her children, sang to her and presented her with a cake. None of her loved ones will leave him alone after learning of her illness. The actor was initially diagnosed with aphasia, a disease that affects speech and the ability to communicate, but weeks later the diagnosis was even more forceful: Bruce suffers from frontotemporal dementia, and his entire family has turned to caring for and pampering him.

Who was the mother of his first three daughters, actress Demi Moore, has shared a touching family moment in honor of Willis. She was next to her ex-husband to wish him a very happy birthday.

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Bruce, who is seen in the video to be missing a tooth, has greeted the congratulations smiling and apparently mocking his family’s attempt at harmonization. This is the first time he has been heard to speak since he was diagnosed with dementia last year.

In the affectionate caption, Demi wrote: “Happy birthday BW! So happy to celebrate you today. I love you and I love our family. Thank you all for the love and warm wishes, we all feel it.” Demi and Bruce share 3 daughters: rumor, About to give birth, Scout y Tallulah.

The great action movie star has been married to his current wife Emma for 13 years and has two more daughters, the little ones Mabel y Evelyn, who were also present on that special day. Emma also shared an emotional video during the day in which she opened up about her difficulties in dealing with Bruce’s illness, which has taken him away from movie screens forever.

The young model tells in her video that she started that day crying. Emma explains that people always praise her for being so strong in the face of adversity…but, as she points out, she has no choice, and she just does what she has to do to keep her house and her life. in order. Despite having to put on a brave face, Emma says that she experiences moments of pain and sadness, especially having two little girls that she and Bruce are raising, and as she tearfully explains… “it’s hard.”