Rosario Flores, very moved, receives the posthumous title of favorite daughter of Cádiz for her mother, Lola Flores

Just 20 days ago a very emotional rosary flowers In the name of her mother, she was posthumously recognized as the Favorite Daughter of Andalusia, coinciding with the centenary of the birth of Lola Flores. And now, in full countdown to the inauguration of the museum that will bear the name of the ‘Faraona’ in her hometown of Jerez de la Frontera, on March 31, the unforgettable singer has been distinguished this Monday as Favorite Daughter of the province of Cádiz together with Alejandro Sanz.

A recognition that Rosario has once again collected on behalf of the Flores family, happy for all the tributes that her mother is receiving in the year in which she would have turned 100: “Let you know that it is an honor for me. My mother loved this land like nobody else and for me it is a great honor to receive the medal of Cádiz. An honor and a pleasure, and long live Andalusia, the most beautiful land”.

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“And to say that we open your museum on the 31st and for us it is very important that they now give us the privilege of the Cádiz medal, that we will also take it to the museum,” she announced excitedly.

Wasting complicity with Alejandro Sanz, with whom he has maintained a great friendship for years, Rosario has confessed that he is happy because the singer of Broken heart is going to open his own museum in the Cadiz town of Alcalá de los Gazules and he has not hesitated to promise before the cameras that he will go to see it as soon as it opens: “The great artists that this land has given so very honored. I am super honored, very proud and very excited. Really, the day of the museum I am going to cry and I am going to be very emotional so later I will go to see yours”, said the little one of the Flores.