Decreed the state of magic

Donostia has been talking about magic for three weeks. Top hats, vests, rabbits and aces up your sleeve. A sweet countdown, lengthened by a damn positive, in which the collective imagination and the accomplished facts of the longed-for protagonist, including the world champion star, augured a brilliant, overwhelming premiere.

And the day arrived. And the stage, full of cold seats, was not ideal. And the rival was not about to turn the appointment into a local party, but in the end, David
Silva premiered with La Real. It was the 62nd minute and Imanol Alguacil put his hand on his shoulder. “These are your domains. Play ”, I would say. What else for?

The Real of yesterday, more industrial than shiny, looked little like the one in which the canary is destined to dazzle. The stadium, absent from the passion of its people, especially on a night like yesterday, did not resemble either (hopefully it will soon) the one that will preside over at least two seasons of '21' as txuri urdin. And, of course, that of David
Silva who jumped on the pitch yesterday is still a few steps behind the one that will surely guide a young and talented team to evolve.

Silva it premiered showing a logical lack of rhythm. In an uncomfortable game, in which the Real had to throw plan B in the absence of the ball, the canary longed to come into contact with the ball, turn around, connect passing lanes. Despite this, he had the goal in his boots, in a shot from the front that crashed into Varane. Yesterday was not the day but '21' is already here. The state of magic is decreed.

Two key casualties

La Real missed that spark point that the Canarian crack still does not have. It was not the only thing. In the first half, Imanol's team sailed in a sea of ​​uncertainty, almost helpless. Without the ball, with Real Madrid comfortable, generating superiorities inside, Real doubted.

The list of casualties of the txuri urdin box was extensive, with key names for the team. Yesterday there were two especially missed: Willian
Joseph and Monreal.

The exit of the ball was complicated by the impossibility of playing long with guarantees. Isak, lazy at the beginning of the course, does not count among his virtues the back game, and with Barrenetxea and For your on the sides, Remiro seemed forced to pass short, with Madrid rubbing their hands. The Brazilian would have offered an ideal solution.

The first half also demanded resistance work from the Real. He suffered in defense and the presence of the Navarrese side would have provided sobriety, security and criteria to remove the leather.

The great news is that, after the break, Real knew how to recover and keep Madrid at bay, with a Aritz huge. The defensive unknowns in Zorrilla became certainties in the second 45 minutes. Magic will join in shortly. Silva is here.