“The players have been left with the feeling that we could have taken all three points”

Sheriff he ended up satisfied with the draw: “It was Real Madrid,” he began by saying. “And looking at the first minutes, the final feelings are good. There were a lot of new people and it was the first game of Mikel, of Guevara, of Silva, the debut of Urko… Many positive things and in front was the last League champion. It's a good point and I'm happy ”, he reiterated.

The Oriotarra of the first half highlighted that “they have started with a lot of rhythm. We are not physically at our best and, against a team like that, it shows. Our goal was to push up, but with those players in front of us, if you don't push well, they come out. That's why from minute 20 on we have chosen to get together, make a low retreat and wait because we knew our chances would come. Defensively we have done a great job and we have had very clear chances ”.

However, the match changed in the second half in which it was even possible to win: “Yes, it is the feeling I had on the field and the one that the players themselves have had. We have gone from less to more. I think that if we had been a bit more successful in the final meters, we could have won the victory, although it must be recognized that in that first part they had their options. The feeling is that we finished very well and the players were left with the feeling that we could have taken all three points, “he said.

Without being physically well we have been able to compete and have options to win in both games

After that analysis, Imanol He accepted the point as good: “The goal is always to win, but there is no doubt that having last year's champion in front of you, you have to give the point good.” Also “last week because it is worth the same and has its importance. We wanted to win both, we have two points and let's see if these two draws make them good in the next game.

For him, these two points have their value “because without being physically well we have been able to compete and have options to win in both games.”

He has no doubts that in the future “we will go to more. We are not in our best physical moment because we have not been able to work as we would have liked. There are many players who are at their peak, but for many others today was the first game.

And speaking of premieres, he also had words for the debuts of Silva and Gonzalez
Zarate: “DavidEven being at 70%, he is able to give us what he has given us. You have seen that he has lacked nothing to give two or three assists, he has lacked nothing to score a goal. It gives us pause and tranquility and as soon as it gets well it will give us a lot ”. As to Urko, “He is a player from 2001, from the quarry, which is our courage, without fear, knowing that he was going to do well even with the current League champion facing us … We have reasons to be satisfied”.