De la Fuente: “These footballers, when they are with the national team, are always on a roll”


The Spanish men’s soccer coach, Luis de la Fuente, stated this Thursday that the members of his pre-list for the Euro Cup “when they are with the national team, they are always on a roll”, in the wake of the 5-0 victory against Andorra in the first of the two friendlies prior to facing that continental tournament on German soil.

“I am very calm and I want to convey during all this time that we have had the opportunity to talk about what people said, about the streaks… They are not streaks, this is football, you don’t know when a streak begins and ends. “I do have the security and the certainty is that these footballers, when they are with the national team, are always on a roll, and on a good streak,” De la Fuente commented at a press conference from the Nuevo Vivero Stadium.

Thus, he was happy for the victory. “It really helps me a lot because the behavior of the footballers every day reinforces the idea that I have about them, the value that I give them, which I think is exceptional. But at the same time it also generates a certain doubt in me, in quotes, because I see that they are footballers who are all capable of being and competing at a high level in any scenario,” he said.

“Today I think we have achieved the objective we were looking for, which was to integrate, adapt again to a competitive pace, we wanted to add. The rival, with all due respect to Andorra, was ourselves, to continue growing, demanding ourselves, and I think we we have achieved,” argued the ‘Roja’ coach from Badajoz.

In addition, he congratulated himself for having “maintained concentration until the last moment.” “The performance of these footballers really makes one feel, not doubts, but rather having the confidence and security that any of the 29 who are there, and those who have not been able to come, are qualified to be able to be in these next appointments” , he added regarding his final call for the EURO.

“They are all at a level, I understand, very good. They are all footballers of a high level and they give me total and absolute guarantee. I am pleased that these players have had the performance they have had today and that they also demonstrate at this level that they are prepared to compete to the maximum,” highlighted the Riojan coach.

In this sense, he gave no clues. “Whoever you choose, they are going to be very good footballers. They have certainly done this to themselves, they have everything to be able to be in an event of this magnitude,” De la Fuente insisted before evaluating the good coexistence of the last few days.

“Of course the ties and bonds have grown even with the players who I had not had the opportunity to live and know. Now they are part of what I always like to call our family. It is going to be hard, but I say again “It’s not that we have doubts, these footballers are all good and they all have the ability and talent to be on any list,” he repeated.

“Allow me to dribble from time to time and not be able to give more clues, first out of respect for all the players. Because, I insist, everyone deserves to be in this final relationship, and then a decision will have to be made,” the player reiterated. Spanish coach.

The ‘txuri-urdin’ attacker Mikel Oyarzabal praised his “fantastic second half”, including his three goals. “But also thanks to a great job that Álvaro has done in the first half,” he recalled about the unrewarded insistence of the colchonero Morata.

“We will know when we have to make the decision whether four centre-backs or three centre-backs come. We have versatile players who can play in different positions, maybe we have more people in another position. But they are not whims nor are they a desire to surprise, it is a professional job that we analyzed and it is our idea,” added De la Fuente.

“Two days from now we are going to make a decision and it will be a very thoughtful decision, very worked on, conscientiously, working on all the scenarios and I certainly hope that there will be no surprises. It is not about giving surprises, I insist, it is what we do to have guarantees of functioning well and of success in the future,” concluded the coach.