David Valldeperas celebrates 50 years with a big surprise party

He is experiencing a different professional moment because, after fourteen years working every afternoon to advance Save me, David Valldeperas He is focused on other issues. Still on the production company’s payroll The TV Factory but now giving shape to new projects, such as Every man for himself for Netflix, whose first season is already airing. But in his personal life, David Valldeperas is also lucky. For a few years now he has had a stable relationship with Michael Vallsthe co-host of More Mirrorthe heart section of the program Susanna Griso.

It was precisely him, along with a large group of friends, who wanted to surprise David on his 50th birthday. According to him he has been able to know InformaliaValls closed a store in the center of Madrid and organized a surprise party in which none of his intimates were missing. Save me. Belen Esteban She was one of the first to congratulate him. She has always had a super special relationship with Valldeperas and, despite being very tired and delicate with her foot after breaking her tibia and fibula, she showed up at the restaurant with Miguel. Terelu Campos He didn’t want to miss it either. Cristina Soria nor her husband, Alberto Diazdirector of More Mirroris Carlota Corredera in Raul Prietowho arrived in the company of Joaquin Torres.

According to what they tell Informalia birthday attendees, “David was very surprised when he arrived at the place and saw his entire gang there because he thought he was going to have dinner there alone with his boy.” After the initial shock, “she had a great time” at the party that her boyfriend had prepared for her, in which she did not lack anything: balloons, cake, music and gifts, among which was a weekend getaway to Lanzarote with Miguel. They enjoyed the trip last weekend.

Miquel and David started dating at the beginning of 2021. David had just broken up a few months ago with Joan Viqueira, with whom he had a relationship for more than ten years. At that time, Miquel worked in Ana Rosa’s program as a reporter, but shortly after he replaced Joaquín Prat in It’s already noon, where he established himself as a presenter. After a few months in four a day, along with Ana Terradillos, Miquel left Unicorn (Ana Rosa’s production company) to try his luck in the competition, in the mornings of Antena 3, together with Susanna Griso. Now there he is under the orders of another ex Save meAlberto Díaz.