Amaia Salamanca and Rosauro Varo “live separate lives”: he spends the night with two friends at the family house

Hectic week in terms of sentimental stability: Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio, Messi and Antonella and now too Amaia Salamanca and Rosauro Varo. They claim that the actress and the businessman, who began dating in 2009 and have three children in common, would be going through a difficult time.

Rumors about a possible crisis between the two come from afar but Readings has gone one step further this Tuesday by revealing that Rosauro Varo spent a weekend at the family home in Seville with two friends. No sign of Amaia or the children.

This Wednesday the magazine offers a photographic report that, according to its director, “speaks for itself, like that of Genoveva and Federico.” Saturday, early afternoon, Rosauro enjoys a cruise along the Guadalquivir accompanied by a man and two women. Sitting around a table, they share drinks, chat and lots of laughter. An hour and a half later, they disembark and the party continues in a bar. Finally, the four go to Rosauro and Amaia’s family home in the center of Seville, where they spend the night. In the morning, the girls take a taxi to go to the Santa Justa train station.

The publication emphasizes that Rosauro enjoys “a single weekend”, which shows a special connection with one of the girls and that Amaia and he “lead separate lives.”

Lucky in business and in love

Varo is one of the most recognized businessmen nationwide. With businesses in the tourism, real estate and technology sectors, his assets could be around 500 million euros: with the sale of the company Pepephone, which he had bought some time before with his partner Javier Hidalgo, he earned 160 million euros. In addition, Varo is a member of the board of directors of Acciona Energía and the advisory board of Telefónica Spain. Last May he was appointed vice president of the board of directors of Movistar Plus +.

Known as one of the golden bachelors of the jet-set, he stopped being so in 2009, when he met Amaia Salamanca at a party in Ibiza. They have not wanted to get married but they did want to form a large family with Olivia (9), Nacho (7) and Mateo (6). “We are not married, but we have three children together. It is as if we were. It is useful for us to be like this. Just because we get married does not mean that we love each other more,” said the protagonist of Great Hotel in an interview with Jesús Calleja.

They are very discreet and jealous of their privacy, so there are few occasions to see them together at parties or photocalls. It is not easy to keep track of them on social media either: not a single image together, not even with the children.