David Ferrer: “We have a very good team and we are prepared to qualify for the final phase”


The captain of the Spanish Davis Cup team, David Ferrer, assured this Monday that they are going to have to face “very tough eliminatory matches against very good rivals” such as Serbia, the Czech Republic and South Korea, and that, despite the loss of Carlos Alcaraz has a “very good team” and they are “prepared” to overcome this group where they will have the added support of the Valencia public because “it is always better to play at home.”

“I expect very tough qualifying rounds against very good teams. Czech Republic, although there are players that perhaps the public who does not come from the world of tennis does not know, are very dangerous and we have to be attentive, very concentrated and very prepared to face the first round.” , Ferrer indicated at a press conference.

The one from Jávea warned not to forget South Korea, “who has a player (Sonwoo Kwon) who always made things difficult last year and his doubles is good”, and acknowledged that, “of course”, Serbia is ” a priori the toughest rival”, although in the Davis Cup “you never know”. “We still don’t know if Novak Djokovic is going to come or not,” he warned, confessing that it was “difficult for him to know what to expect” from the world number one and what level he can have after the wear and tear of the US Open.

“I have also played the Davis Cup, I have made the semi-finals and I have also returned the following week to play the Davis Cup, both Rafa (Nadal) and I, and it is not easy because the schedule in itself is always tight,” he added. Ferru’.

In any case, he does not hide that “you can always improve and look for alternatives” in the calendar. “But I can’t say what change there could be, I hope this competition has more freedom in the calendar so that the best can be there because you play for your country and that is something very important. As a child you have always dreamed of playing for your country or winning Davis and that has to continue being that way,” he noted.

However, he does believe he would give “some thought” to the format, more than to the calendar, “which is not easy at all.” “From my point of view, the format seems a little like it could be changed and that it could be more attractive to the public,” he explained, emphasizing the fact of “playing at home or away” or whether it is “better for the public.” play all weekend.”

Regarding the loss of Carlos Alcaraz, the former tennis player highlighted that the Murcian was “very tired mentally.” “He has really played a lot of games, he also had some small physical problems and as soon as he finished his semifinal match, I spoke with Juan Carlos Ferrero and in the end they decided that for his health and rest it was best not to come,” he said.

“From then on, I don’t want to talk more about Carlos because he will no longer be with us. I want to talk about my team, my players and above all the good atmosphere there is and how they are working to reach the best conditions. I really believe that we have a very good team and that we are prepared to qualify for the final phase,” he added.

What Ferrer is clear about is that “it is always better to play at home than away, with your audience.” “Also, in Valencia I think the atmosphere of tennis and sport is very passionate, we already saw it last year, and in that aspect I am excited that the players can play in Valencia because the public is going to encourage them and support them to the fullest. “, desire.

And on a personal level, he has “many things” connected to Valencia, where he played his last Davis Cup match in the city’s Bullring, and because he was also “tournament director” of a competition that has given him “so much.” “. “As captain it is something that makes me very excited, I feel very happy and above all because of the response of Spanish tennis in general,” he remarked.