Alejandra Rubio defends herself against the haters who ruin her return to work: “I carry my grief and my pain as best I can, not as you want”

In the most difficult days for the Campos family, Alejandra Rubio stands up to those who displease her with her new posts on her networks and her return to work in Fiesta. This Monday the 11th Terelu and Carmen Borrego will attend the funeral in Malaga for the death of their mother, María Teresa Campos.

This has been the response that Alejandra has sent to her haters on her Instagram profile: “I don’t usually get involved in anything and even less pay attention to empty people who only seek a minute of glory on television at the expense of disrespecting others.” “. And she continues: “Yes, I am working after my grandmother passed away (…) Because this is life, in my grief and my pain I carry it how I want, not how you want me to do it.“.

Terelu, your great support

This weekend it was Terelu who entered Emma García’s program by phone to reveal: “I am suffering a lot for my daughter. I have now written her a message so she knows that I am calm. I have told her that I love her very much.” Next, she addressed her daughter directly, who was on the television set: “I’m going to take good care of you, you’re the only one showing your face and I know how hard that is.” Terelu Campos wanted to show her support for Alejandra in these difficult times for the family.