Daniel Sancho's peculiar Christmas from prison: video call with his family and rice as the star dish

The life of Daniel Sancho has taken a 180 degree turn. Last August, the chef entered the Thai prison of Koh Samui after having confessed to killing and dismembering the Colombian surgeon. Edwin Arrieta. This Christmas, Rodolfo Sancho's son, who is awaiting trial, will not return home for Christmas. Daniel will have to spend the holidays from the Thai prison, away from his family, as well as from the privileges to which he was accustomed before entering the Koh Samui prison.

This Christmas, Silvia Bronchalo's son will change the chip. In Thailand, since 97% of the population are Buddhists, the customs are far from the traditions you are used to in Spain. Without going any further, the festivities start on December 8th. Likewise, on these designated dates, Daniel Sancho will settle for a possible video call from his family, as well as rice and cookies as star dishes. As reported on Antena 3.

The cook will not be the only one with an atypical Christmas. In Spain, his parents Silvia Bronchalo and Rodolfo Sancho are not used to dealing with this tense situation. Although both are quite secretive when talking about their private lives, Xenia Tostadothe girlfriend of the well-known actor does reflect on this delicate stage of her life on her social networks.

On multiple occasions, the actress has shared advice on self-care and peace of mind on her Instagram profile. A message that suggests how she is facing this situation. “If life doesn't give you challenges, you wouldn't evolve. And that doesn't just apply to humans,” she posted last November.