Daniel Sancho’s friends send a statement and deny having leaked messages: “We hope the truth prevails”

The circle closest to the son of Rodolfo Sancho has sent a statement to the media this Friday to clarify some of the information that has come to light this week. They have done it through the specialized law firm that the family has hired in Spain and they have been blunt: “We feel surprised and condemn the events that occurred.”

They state that they are very confused by everything that happened and ask for patience and respect towards the police investigation: “Daniel is a kind, generous and affectionate person who has always taken care of others without expecting anything in return. These facts cause us absolute bewilderment. We ask justice in a transparent manner and that everyone trusts the judicial process”.

They completely deny having shared Daniel’s private messages with the media and question the veracity of the sources that have sent them to television and digital programs: “We want to emphasize that the inner circle has not provided any information to the media, despite having seen us being persecuted. Everything that has circulated does not come from our most intimate circle, so we question the veracity of those sources. As we have been able to learn, some of these people are simply acquaintances or have not had any relationship with him for years. It is crucial to remember that the Thai investigation is conducting an investigation to clarify what happened. We ask everyone to trust the legal process and avoid judgments that are hasty or based on false information.”

Finally, Sancho’s friends appreciate the support received: “Public opinion must be cautious and respectful at this time, allowing the truth to be revealed through the appropriate channels. We appreciate the support received during this difficult period. Together we hope that truth prevail.”

Twist in the Sancho Case

Let us remember that Daniel pleaded guilty to having murdered and dismembered the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta in Koh Pan Ghan during the interrogation to which he was subjected by the police when he himself went to the police station to report the disappearance. Rodolfo Sancho’s son assured that his friend had threatened him: “I was his hostage, I was desperate. I did it to protect my life and that of the people I love.”

The Spanish chef entered preventive detention in Koh Samui last Monday and is being isolated in a hospital cell due to the Covid protocol. Here he shares a small space with five other prisoners and has only been able to receive a visit from his lawyer. Meanwhile, his family in Spain has hired the services of a renowned and prestigious specialized law firm that will act as legal liaison and also as a spokesperson for the Sanchos. His theory is clear: they believe that Daniel is covering up for one or more people. The times do not add up and his story is full of lies and inconsistencies: “He did not do it alone, it is not possible,” they say. Thai experts support this hypothesis.