Daniel Sancho will be accused of premeditated murder, which in Thailand can even mean capital punishment

Thai police believe they have “sufficient evidence” to charge daniel sancho of “premeditated murder”, as confirmed Somsak Nurodchief of investigation of the Koh Pha Ngan police station a AFP. This crime is punishable in the country with capital punishment.

The son of Rodolfo Sancho29 years old, confessed last Sunday that he had killed and dismembered to the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta, 44 years old. This Monday, entered Koh Samui prisonsouthern Thailand, awaiting trial.

the grandson of Sancho Grace he will be in isolation for the next ten days due to the anti-Covid-19 protocol; and in that period You can only receive a visit from your lawyeran international criminal expert who has been hired by his own father.

Rodolfo and the mother of his son, Silvia BronchaloThey took the first flight from Madrid when they received the news and are already in Thailand to accompany Daniel at this time. They hope to speed up the procedures and have already formally requested and through the lawyer to visit his son in prison, according to Telecinco.

The Daniel Sancho case

“I killed him, but I was his hostage. He had me in a glass cage, but it was a cage. I was desperate,” the young chef would have said to the police during the interrogation this weekend. According to his version, published by the Thai press, Edwin wanted to have sex with him and, when he refused, he threatened to publish some intimate photographs to cause a scandal in Spain and sink the reputation of his family. Sancho would have killed Edwin with two punches and an hour later, he would have dismembered his body “into 14 pieces” that he divided between the sea and various garbage dumps.