Daniel Sancho was not alone in Thailand: the mysterious man who accompanied him until Edwin’s arrival

Thai police continue to leak details of the alleged crime perpetrated at the hands of Daniel Sancho. However, there is a piece of information that they have omitted from their narratives and that Spanish experts consider to be of vital importance: the son of Rodolfo Sancho He was not alone in Thailand, as a man accompanied him at all times until the arrival of Edwin Arrieta to Southeast Asia.

Spanish media displaced to the area have obtained the testimony of several waiters at the restaurant where Daniel ate the days after his arrival in Thailand: “Speaking with people who were in a restaurant near the hotel where Daniel was staying, assures a waiter, who is Russian, who has seen Daniel these days. But that she was not with this man, with Edwin Arrieta. On one occasion he says yes, he may remember Edwin’s face, but what he does remember is that he has seen him with someone else.”

The information could turn the case around because, as the experts say, “One man alone can’t do what Daniel is supposed to have done. It’s difficult, very difficult, even if you have notions, it’s very complicated, if not almost impossible.”

Paparazzo Diego Arrabal, who has contacts on the island of Koh Phangan where everything happened, also focuses on the alleged statement by Daniel, the confessed perpetrator of the crime: “What he says in that statement has nothing to do with what he later has said. That statement, does he really know what he has declared? Does he know what has been written on paper? Because of course, you can declare and that must be written down, but it is written in Thai. Does he really Do you know what has been written there?” he wonders.

a heinous crime

Let us remember that Daniel Sancho, son of Rodolfo and grandson of the remembered Sancho Gracia, confessed to being the author of the murder and dismemberment of the plastic surgeon Edwin Arrieta: “I killed him, but I was his hostage. He kept me in a glass cage, but it was a cage. I was desperate,” he reportedly told police during interrogation. According to his version, published by the Thai press, Edwin wanted to have sex with him and, when he refused, he threatened to publish some intimate photographs to cause a scandal in Spain and sink the reputation of his family. Sancho would have killed Edwin with two punches and an hour later, he would have dismembered his body into 14 pieces that he distributed among the sea and various garbage dumps.

Spanish criminal experts, criminologists and investigators, however, point to the confusion and inconsistency in everything that happened: “There is a catch here. The versions do not add up, the alleged evidence is not being guarded, they allow the defendant to have a mobile and they take you out to dinner at expensive restaurants… This is Thailand, there are no guarantees of anything.”