Daniel Sancho, looking forward to his trial beginning: “There is no evidence for the death penalty”

The lawyer Carmen Balfagon, one of those responsible for the chef’s defense from Spain, has given the last minute of the case just four days before the trial begins in Thailand. If this Thursday was Rodolfo Sancho (through the mouth of García Montes) the one who assured that Daniel was “quiet and well” Before the big day, this Friday his partner added: “He is looking forward to the trial beginning.”

It will be next Tuesday, April 9, when the Samui Court opens its doors to receive Daniel Sancho, in prison since he confessed to having killed the surgeon on August 7. Edwin Arrieta. He claims that it is an accidental death that took place during a struggle between the two, when he wanted to end their romantic relationship. However, the Thai Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of premeditated murder, a crime punishable by capital punishment. However, neither Daniel Sancho nor his team are worried: “There is no evidence for death sentences or life sentences”Balfagón said on Antena 3.

The prosecution has 53 pieces of evidence to prove that Daniel prepared the Colombian’s death, such as the purchase of knives and garbage bags hours before the surgeon’s arrival on the island. Among her witnesses are the employee of the department store where Sancho shopped and the owner of the kayak she purchased to throw Edwin’s remains into the sea. Arrieta’s parents, who were going to testify via videoconference, have finally been ruled out. Daniel, for his part, has also lost several important testimonies in the last few hours: his ex-girlfriend and a Spanish psychiatrist who were going to prove the alleged coercion and threats to which he was subjected by Arrieta.

Rodolfo Sancho’s son is accused of premeditated murder, concealment of a corpse (he dismembered the victim’s body into 14 parts and distributed them throughout the island) and documentary appropriation. He has only admitted to the second of the crimes. The trial begins on Tuesday, April 9 and can last up to 15 business days.