Alejandra Rubio contradicts a Mediaset statement about Terelu: “She will not talk about me”

Tremendous anger that has caught the talk show This is life this Friday upon discovering that her mother would sit on the Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona program a few hours later to talk, among other things, about her courtship with the son of Sea Flowers. This is at least what Mediaset’s own ‘promo’ announced on social media: “Terelu will speak more clearly than ever after the controversy with her sister and her nephew and, for the first time, about her daughter’s relationship with Carlo Costanzia. Alejandravery angry, slammed the table: “I’m not going to let anyone talk about my life.”

Very upset, she blurted out: “I just got super nervous, but I’m not going to go through that, I feel it in my soul. I already told you that no one is going to talk about me. I’m not talking and the others are not going to talk.” “. A few minutes later, Alejandra explained that she had spoken with her mother on the phone and she denied the Mediaset statement announcing the content of Terelu’s interview: “I want to make it clear that she has stated by contract that she is not going to talk about me or anything that has to do with my life. What I always repeat, I am not doing it, no one is going to do it, just in case there is any doubt”.

The talk show host was very angry about the trompe l’oeil of her own network, announcing that Terelu would talk about Carlo Costanzia when it was not, and she threatened to leave her job at Mediaset: “For me this is over, I’m not going to get involved in any of this nor am I going to participate in any of this. I’ll see what I do, but for me this is over.”

The young woman has been in the eye of a media storm for several months: first because of her romantic relationship with the Italian actor Carlo Costanzia (who is serving a sentence on parole for several crimes), then her mother was hospitalized for pneumonia and, finally , the interview of his cousin, José María, exposing his aunt, Carmen Borrego. That’s what Terelu will talk about this Friday, which will be her second visit to Mediaset (a chain she hasn’t visited since June) in a single week.