Daniel Sancho broke up with Edwin to marry someone else in Indonesia, according to the Thai police captain

We continue to learn details of the declaration of daniel sancho before the Thai police. Twenty-four hours after the authorities concluded the investigation and requested the death penalty for the Spanish chef for the alleged murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrietathe police captain has revealed the true motive for the crime: a wedding.

Sucheep Chadakarn has commented on NBC News that Rodolfo Sancho’s son told them that he was going to marry someone else in Indonesia. “Sancho told the investigators that she had a fight with Arrieta last Wednesday, after breaking up with him because she was going to marry someone else,” the Thai police officer said. “He said if the talk didn’t go well, he thought he was going to have to kill him.” because he had his partner waiting to get married”has added.

A piece of information that would explain the trigger for the fight prior to the murder of the Colombian doctor, which would have occurred after a struggle in which, according to statements by Sucheep Chadakarn, “Arrieta had threatened to cause problems, for which Sancho punched him and acted”.

If it is true that Rodolfo Sancho’s son was planning to marry someone else in Thailand, who is that person? It is speculated that it could be his girlfriend, Paula, with whom Daniel had a five-year relationship and that, as the young man explained after his arrest, she was going to meet him in the Asian country. Other sources rule it out, since his courtship would have ended recently, as the chef’s entourage has assured.