Daniel Sancho awaited the arrival of his girlfriend in Thailand: the reason that precipitated Edwin’s death

The Thai police confirmed this Monday that the surgeon’s confessed murderer was waiting for his girlfriend to arrive on the island of Koh Samui. They suggest that this would be the reason why daniel sancho murdered Edwin Arrieta, because he did not want Laura to discover the double life that he led with the Colombian. They have not confirmed, however, if the son of Rodolfo Sancho He had the intention of marrying the young woman, as some media point out.

The person in charge of the investigation and number two in the police organizational chart, known as Big Joke, has offered new statements assuring that the investigation is practically closed and that they maintain their theory: Daniel Sancho premeditatedly murdered Edwin Arrieta because he did not agree to leave their romantic relationship and they deny the existence of threats to Daniel by the surgeon. They ratify that the sentence for him is capital punishment and that, for his part, they will not ask for a royal pardon or commute it with a life sentence, although he does not rule out that the lawyers do so: “It depends on how the trial unfolds.”

He also defended that the result of Arrieta’s autopsy is firm: he died with his throat cut. Although it is true that there was a fight between the two and that Daniel hit Edwin, this was not the cause of his death. A theory that has been questioned by various experts in Spain, such as the psychiatrist Luis Cabrera: “I have seen many heads in forensic studies and it is very difficult to distinguish the pre-mortem wounds from the post-mortem ones. If this man was later dismembered with a saw, I do not understand how you can distinguish the groove from the throat, especially when that head He was later several hours in the water and when the police have not yet found the torso of the victim”.