Anabel Alonso lashes out at Rubiales and comes out scalded in nets: “You harassed Jordi Cruz”

The kiss of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation to the player Jenni Beautiful continues to generate opinions in the media and social networks, where they have recalled other ‘memorable’ kisses without consent: that of Iker Casillas to Sara Carbonero in the 2010 World Cup final and that of Anabel Alonso a Jordi Cruz in Masterchef.

The actress was one of the first to censor Luis Rubiales’ attitude with a blunt tweet: “Rubiales would never have (nor has he) kissed the captain of any men’s soccer team like that. He does it because he is a woman. INTOLERABLE!” he cried from his personal page.

His message, however, has generated a lot of controversy, as there are many who remind Anabel Alonso of her kiss to Jordi Cruz during her participation in Masterchef, one that the culinary judge was also not comfortable with. Many described it as “sexual assault” despite the fact that the actress already explained that it was an agreed scene.