A week ago, Dani Alves He remains in jail, admitted to pretrial detention and without bail for the alleged rape of a young woman in her twenties on the night of December 30-31 in a Barcelona nightclub. Last Monday, January 23, it was agreed to transfer the prison from Brians 1 to Brians 2, where this Friday afternoon he will possibly receive a visit from his mother, LucyAnd his brother, Ney.

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In the last few hours, more details have been revealed about his day-to-day life in the Catalan prison, where he shares a cell with another prisoner. “We have been able to find out what he is spending on basic products. Of that allowance that they give him of 100 euros a week, he has spent 17 euros”, explained the journalist Pepa Romero this Friday in it’s already noon.

In this way, these are the basic products that the Brazilian player has bought: “Four yogurts, four cans of tuna, deodorant, a shampoo and cans of energy drinks.” On the other hand, they assure that he “has rejected the possibility of having television or buying a tracksuit.”

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Alves’ legal defense, led by the Catalan lawyer Christopher Martell, is working on an appeal that he will foreseeably present next Monday to try to obtain the provisional release of his client: “Martell has been convinced that he will be able to convince the three magistrates of the Court that Alves is going to stay in Spain and that he is going to provide an address to meet any requirement of the Justice with precautionary measures”, added Mayka Navarro. They will allege that after his dismissal from the Mexican Pumas there is no longer any risk of a possible escape.