The mother of the former Barça player will be able to visit her son this Friday afternoon in the Brians 2 prison. Lucy and his other son Neyare in Barcelona to visit Dani Alveswho has been behind bars without bail since Friday for an alleged rape that occurred on the night of December 30-31 in a central Barcelona nightclub.

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Alves’ mother, in the last hours, left the lawyer’s office Christopher Martell heartbroken and visibly devastated. They assure that the soccer player “feels very ashamed” and that he even asked that his relatives not visit him in jail.

As for Alves’ legal defense, his lawyer, who has also worked for Messi or the Pujol family, has visited his client in the last few hours: “Cristóbal Martell visited Alves this Friday morning. He will tell that these contradictory statements were because he did not want to tell that infidelity out of respect for his wife and that is why he had not prepared something coherent”, Mayka Navarro assured in it’s already noon. Joana Sanz, the Tenerife model with whom Alves married in July 2017, has already turned her back on her husband on social networks.

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In addition, the player “will tell” that his relationship with the 23-year-old “was consented” to try to get rid of the accusations. His defense intends to file an appeal this Monday with the intention of obtaining probation for him. “Martell has been convinced that he will be able to convince the three magistrates of the hearing that Alves is going to stay in Spain, that he is going to provide an address to meet any requirement of justice, with precautionary measures,” he said. sentenced.

The alleged victim’s lawyer speaks

As we collected this Thursday, the lawyer Ester García López also gave details of her client’s defense: “She looked at me and said: ‘Ester, I am lucky to have good living conditions, and I do not want compensation, I want the jail’. I told her: ‘I know, but you have the right to compensation.’ And she insisted: ‘I don’t want money, I want justice.'” It must be remembered that a few days ago the young woman rejected her right to request compensation. Unfortunately, there are affected women who reject amounts of this type for fear of not being believed by society.