The Toyota team confirms that the car is still racing, although it is exposed to complete the 534 kilometers without the windshield.

The Toyota of Alonso, after the end of the eighth stage.

A dune, located in the first kilometer of the tenth stage, ruined the progress of Fernando Alonso in the Dakar Rally. The Asturian pilot, tenth in the general, faced too quickly one of the sand obstacles located a few meters from the exit in Haradh and suffered two laps of bell. Neither Marc nor Coma suffered injuries, but the windshield of the Toyota Hilux was very damaged, so they decided to start it to continue in this marathon stage, 534 kilometers timed.

The decision to continue towards Subaytah without the protection of the glass is not completely unknown to Alonso, who had already assumed it a few months ago during a preparation test in South Africa.

The Gazoo Racing team also confirmed the continuity in the race of its 310 car, although the objective now goes through to reach the goal and give as little time as possible to preserve the tenth position in the general.

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