Cuadra Fernández was not right in the two most controversial decisions

It was not a fateful night yesterday in the Sanchez Pizjuan for the Spanish international based in the Balearic school, Stable Fernandez. The referee was not right in any of the two most controversial decisions that occurred throughout the ninety minutes.

An opinion in which they agree within the arbitration establishment within their detailed analysis that is made of each and every one of the First and Second division matches.

First in action camavinga in the 38th minute of the first half, which would have meant the second yellow card for the Frenchman. They have no doubt that Block he was wrong in not expelling the madridista player who minutes before had seen the yellow card. Decision, yes, in which the WAS as it was a yellow card play.

And second in the play of the goal of vinicius in the 74th minute that the referee decided to annul when he understood that it was a handball. Even when, on this occasion, the WAS where was yesterday Villanueva Churches, if he notices that the Brazilian touches the ball with his shoulder. Position that is not considered infraction.

The referee must review the match at home in the next few hours

Legislation in hand, the Balearic Islands should have decreed that Rakitic repeat the foul that gave rise to the first goal of the Sevilla due to the illegal position of two players from the Sevillian team who were embedded in it. Where they do understand that he was right is in the hand of diego charles in the 18th minute of the match that comes as a result of being destabilized by a teammate.

All these aspects, especially the action of camavinga and the barrier, they will be sure recorded in the arbitration report prepared by the informant delegate who was last night Alfonso Baena.

In addition, the referee must see the match again in the next few hours and send his own arbitration evaluation report to the arbitration establishment.

An arbitration that will also be the subject of analysis in the arbitration seminar that this week will have the CTA with all the referees and assistants of the First and Second division.

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