Cristina Pedroche reappears after her latest controversy: ''They have hit me everywhere''

Cristina Pedroche has reappeared, after spending a few days disconnecting from the media commotion of the Chimes. Another year she was once again the protagonist of the last night of the year with her long-awaited and surprising dress. But, as usual, the woman Dabiz Muñoz He received numerous criticisms that forced him to disappear for a few days. Even, hours after revealing his best-kept secret, Pedroche published a video on his social networks accompanied by a forceful message: “Importance to what is important.”

Eleven days after welcoming the New Year, the woman from Vallecas has reappeared on her social networks and on her usual LaSexta program to tell us the purpose she has set for 2024: “One of the purposes I have set for myself this year is to take better care of my mental health by staying away from what hurts me and enjoying more what gives me peace,” he explained on his Instagram profile.

The presenter has more than three million followers on Instagram and like every influencer, she does not always receive good comments. In fact, she herself has confessed that her mental health has been affected in recent weeks and that is why she needed to be “disappeared”: “I needed it. Now little by little, with caution, I will return,” she wrote .

After these concise but direct statements, the Madrid native has rejoined zapping this same Thursday. “How is 2024 going?” he asked. Valeria Ros. “I am very well. “2024 is better than 2023,” Pedroche commented with a laugh. ''Are there roots yet?'' said the presenter. ''She is there dissecting herself,'' the collaborator responded to the astonished look of her colleagues who did not understand what they were talking about.

''I was talking about the dress,'' clarified Valeria Ros. ''It seems like it's far away, but it's close. And I have photos of the dress in a shower, because if it gets wet it falls apart, but since they have hit me everywhere, I'll leave them for later.'', he snapped. A comment that shows how the criticism has affected the mental health of Dabiz Muñoz's wife.