Cristina Pedroche and Dabiz Muñoz celebrate the birthday of their daughter Laia in a unique restaurant for them

while this monday Cristina Pedroche published a harsh post on Instagram coinciding with the first birthday of her first daughter, Laia, in which she was honest about the harshness of motherhood, this Wednesday the presenter used her profile to share with her more than three million followers the celebration of such an important date for her and also her husband Dabiz Muñoz.

What better place to celebrate this first month of your baby than at Street-Xo, one of the most emblematic restaurants of the famous chef in Madrid. But this time, Pedroche has decided to spread a carousel of photos of the dishes that the couple enjoyed and only one in which she appears, without the baby or David. This has been the text that she has chosen to accompany the snapshots: “We celebrate my little girl’s birthday in one of her restaurants because she says that milk tastes better to me”, making direct reference to words said by her husband .

new mom

It has been a month since the woman from Madrid became a mother for the first time with Dabiz Muñoz. A birth that has filled the presenter with so much joy that she even got a tattoo to always have her Laia imprinted on her body, but with her shadows: along with the difficulties with breastfeeding and other matters related to the care of the baby, the presenter of Password has also had to deal with haters for some controversial photos in which she showed her postpartum recovery.

Attacks that he decided to settle by disabling comments on his posts, this being a great step to improve every day: “I know I have to relax to enjoy more but right now I feel happy because I see that little by little I’m going to get it. We’re going to do it. to achieve. I don’t know how to thank all the people who are helping me and who are making me feel that I am not alone and that what happens to me and what I feel is completely normal, “he explained in the post on Monday.