Cristina Cifuentes tells us about her imminent adventure on ‘MasterChef Celebrity 9’: “My goal is not to make a fool of myself”

She has been home for days without taking off her apron and cooking more than she has ever done in her entire life; However, to get his body used to the fear and shocks that he will soon experience as a contestant on MasterChef Celebrity 9the former president of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentesattended this Tuesday, April 23, the preview of the horror film Immaculate, starring Sydney Sweeney and Álvaro Morte, where he acknowledged to us with laughter that surely in front of the big screen he would not experience as much terror as the one he will soon experience in the kitchen. Because in a few days the recordings of the talent culinary and she is one of his star signings. But, be careful, because the former leader of the PP starts with a certain disadvantage that will place her last on the lists: she has no idea about cooking. “It’s not that I don’t cook a lot, it’s that I don’t cook at all,” she told us in the premiere of the film before acknowledging: “But precisely that is why I have been encouraged to participate, for the challenge of saying: I am going to turn 60, and if I don’t learn now, I will never do it again. It is a challenge that I face with all humility, because I’m starting from scratch, and I’m going to try not to make a fool of myself and learn as much as possible.”

Since leaving politics, Cristina has found television a refuge in which to entertain herself and have fun. After seeing her as a talk show host in spaces like Ana Rosa’s program, Everything is a lie, It’s already noon o TardeARhas also dared to use more playful and casual formats such as The Last Supper, Traitors Spain o The fears of… Now, when asked what the Cristina that we are going to see in MasterChef, He tells us: “I don’t know. I just don’t know because it’s true that these types of programs sometimes bring out the best and the worst in everyone. I think that in the end the important thing is, when you come from an activity like politics (although I’ve already been away for years) where there are many prejudices and many preconceived ideas, it is for people to know me as I am, a normal person with his lights, his shadows, his good things and his bad things. Regarding whether he is not worried about showing his ‘bad temper’ or his temper in moments of tension, he assures: “No, it doesn’t scare me at all because I have been overexposed against my will and perhaps only one side has been seen that Maybe it wasn’t the best. No, I don’t care about what it has to do. The only thing that worries me, as I say, is knowing that I’m starting from scratch, but at least it should be seen. “I’m going to try my best.”

As for his companions (the edition also includes Pitingo, Pocholo Martínez-Bordiú, Hiba Abouk, Francis Lorenzo, María León, Itziar Miranda, Rubén Ochandiano, Nerea Garmendia, José Lamuño, Pelayo Díaz, Juan Luis Cano, Inés Hernand, Raúl Gómez, Topacio Fresh and Marina Rivers), Cristina assures that she knows few, but we know that she will do ‘chupi pandi’ with these last two: “I know Topacio and I love her a lot, and it made me very happy when I saw her because she She is wonderful. And I also know Marina Rivers, we agree on Ana Rosa’s program. And I know who the others are, but I have not had dealings with them personally.” However, despite not knowing how tough they are going to be competing in the kitchens, Cifuentes is clear about who is going to be his strongest rival: ” All! Because, I insist, I start from scratch.”

Nor does it seem that the former politician is going to arrive at the contest with many strategies or having gone through the restaurant of well-known chefs who teach her how to cook dishes or give her tricks and guidelines to succeed: “No, because I found out about this very recently. and I haven’t had time to prepare. But since they told me, I’ve been at home cooking all day. There’s little time left until the recordings start, there’s little time. We’ll do what we can!” she says, resigned.