Cristiano and Georgina are looking for a chef for their mansion: 5,200 euros per month and a list of conditions

The footballer and the instagrammer continue to adapt to their new life in Saudi Arabia while supervising the renovations of the mansion that will become their particular refuge, a house in Cascais (Portugal), a designer villa with a spa and cinema whose price is close to 20 millions of euros. Cristiano y Georgina They have already opened the selection process for all the staff who will be in charge of the mansion and the chef is resisting them.

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According to morning mail, it is difficult for them to find the right candidate because although the remuneration for the position is very sweet (5,200 euros per month), very few meet all the requirements imposed by the couple. For example, that he is an expert in Japanese cuisine (and more specifically in sushi), in pizzas and of course in cod, the most popular fish in Portugal and which both Cristiano and his children love (his favorite dish is cod in bras).

In addition, like the rest of the employees, the chosen one must sign a confidentiality contract in which he agrees not to leak information about what happens in the house, and to be available 24 hours a day on his working days. For this reason, the chef must leave his own house and settle in the Aveiro Rodríguez mansion, where he will live in the space destined for service.

The luxurious mansion of the Portuguese star and the model is valued at 11 million euros, although it is possible that the investment will amount to 20 with the reform that they have carried out. It is located on a 2,700-square-meter estate with a warehouse included so that Cristiano can store his twenty high-end vehicles. The house has three floors, 20 rooms, several gardens, a gym and a heated pool, as well as a spa and a cinema room.