The presenter has spoken on several occasions about the project she has in hand: finishing writing a book that her son began in the middle of cancer treatment and that he could not finish. Ana Obregon is about to fulfill the wish of Aless Lequio and he announced it on his social networks this Wednesday: “More than eight months immersed in writing the book that will carry the jewel that you started inside. Next month it will finally be finished.”

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The actress recalled how the project began: “I still remember the day that after chemo you said to me: ‘Mom, when I finish writing it, I’ll publish it and donate the proceeds to cancer research.’ You couldn’t finish it. My mind invades anger and infinite pain for everything”.

Now, Ana will be able to fulfill the wish of her son, who hid a great talent for writing: “I want you to know the emotion and pride I feel when one of the best editors in this country tells me that what you wrote is impressive and that You had great talent”, he revealed. “I will finish it for you. To inspire. To raise awareness. For your foundation. For cancer research. To learn to appreciate every moment of this gift called life.”

The biologist has also revealed the first details of the work: the name (The boy with the shrews) and the publishing house that will accompany him on this new adventure (Harper Collins).