Courtois: “We did not deserve the results we had”

He saved the team in the first half …

It's hard to say, after two lost games it was important not to fit. We defended well and when necessary I made good stops. Arthur makes me fine and I make a great stop with my hand. And I played well with my feet, giving the team peace of mind. And in the second half the team was better, it made a difference.

And that they came at a very difficult time.

We have continued to work well, I do not believe that against Levante, Celta or City we deserved those results. We played better than them, but football are details and we were very involved from the first minute. The fans were amazing and we made a difference.

Have you felt the breath of the fans?

The Bernabéu is key for us, if they support us we can do great things. It is difficult for an opponent if he notices that such an opponent is ahead and the stadium behind. We did it well.

Madrid did not back down after the first, looked up to Barça.

Yes, but that's how you have to play against Barça. You can go back or press and risk the exit. All gave 100%, it has been seen in that race that Marcelo has won against Messi. It is very good, the team's breath is noticeable. That is key.

Does this result change the morale of the team?

Of course, winning a Classic is always good, we become leaders, but there are 12 games left and the next game we play at Betis' house, it's a complicated field. If we want to win LaLiga, we have to win in these fields. We will work for it.

Valverde: “We show that Madrid is for many things”

Is there anything left in the body after such a demanding game?

Yes, happiness Every effort has a reward, to thank people and colleagues for their support during the 90 minutes. This belongs to everyone, we have the same objective. Happiness and for home.

What first analysis of the game?

I think proud that we raised our heads, we kept trying, we came from a hard defeat. People came to support and were with us. This is part of everyone.

The pressure of the team, so high, was key.

The master told us that we were one with one, that implies an effort of each one, not to leave a ball for lost. We show it.

Does Madrid change this face a lot?

Very much, in Madrid you have to go for all the titles and if you can't, you have that sadness. Madrid is for many things, this is the demonstration for the world.

Classic: “It was a great opportunity. To thank all the fans for their support.”

Zidane: “The coach told us to be one with one, but this also the effort to leave no ball.”

Season: “Being a Madrid player you have to go to all the titles. This was a good opportunity to show the world that this team is for many things.”

Casemiro: “Vinicius has done a great game”

Sensations: The feeling is of happiness for the team, so we have taken on the field. They are three very important points for us.

Analysis: “In the last results we were not doing badly, yes in the last 15 minutes. Today we have shown that we are very strong. In the face of people it is also very important, that they trust us, but there is still a lot of League and many matches yet. “

Deserved Victory: “We have pressed well, we have played well. It has been a Classic. They are three very important points.”

Celebration of the goal of Vinicius: “I try to do things with my heart and there is no explanation. Vini deserves this goal very much”

Message to Vinicius: “At the break I was already telling him that he has to go to the goal. Many times he plays for Karim, but if he is 50 to 50 he has to shoot at the goal. The game the kid made was a great game.”

Hobby Support: “Thank you very much for supporting us and for trusting us. Together we will achieve many successes. We count on them and they count on us.”