Courtois: “At Real Madrid we have the best '9' in the world”

Thibaut Courtois gave an interview to the official LaLiga media on the occasion of the Clásico in which Real Madrid visit Barcelona at the Camp Nou tomorrow, Saturday 24 October (4:00 PM, Movistar LaLiga).

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The classic.- “They are special games that you dream of playing, that even when you're in another team like Chelsea you want to see on TV, and in which each team tries to go for the victory. Hopefully it can help win against Barcelona. El Clásico is important , a first blow between the two greats “.

Calendar loaded. “There are many games in a row and even if we win, we can't trust ourselves; we have to keep winning. If there is another result, you can't let it affect you for the following games either. After El Clásico there is a Champions League game in Germany, then another two games come. difficult … For better or for worse, you can't let yourself be influenced by that game, because the season is very long and it's three points like any other week. But obviously out of confidence and pride it's important to win. “

Face Messi face to face. “You try to find a pattern of what he does when he faces the goalkeeper. We are talking about players that even if you think he can do one thing in the last second, he can do another to you. He is special, one of the best players in history, like Cristiano. It's nice to face those players and to be able to tell my children and my grandchildren. It is always a very nice challenge to face the best players in the world and try to save everything. “

Rival.- “Barça will always be fine. The noise it generates is on the outside and the team on the inside will always be united. It will be a good and complicated game. With another coach it will be different, but Barça always maintains its style. We must be tactically good, with a very good mentality and hopefully we can win the game. “

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Signs of identity. “I see the team very serious, very good. It has been a different preseason, shorter. The team is united, it is strong. In many games we can score more goals, it is true, but I do not think it is a lack of goal, because we have the best 9 the world and other players who can also score goals. These are periods in a year that cost a little more. Many times we also play against more withdrawn teams. It is also the merit of the other team. “

Personal moment.— “I am 28 years old, I am in a very good moment of my career and I still think that there is always room for improvement. The most important thing in the end is always to help the team. I will never think that I am only going to win one game. It is a job of 11 players together and I felt that in key moments I was there, stopping something important and feeling important. But it is the job that all of Madrid expects of me. Winning games and winning a League feels very good and I want to continue like this and win many trophies here. When you play for Real Madrid in each title at stake, the objective is to reach the final and try to win it, because that makes this team the best in the world, the greatest. We have that marked: to try everything that comes along the way. With Madrid I want to win as much as possible and hopefully try to continue in this line, helping the team. “