Coudet reveals his future: “We’ll be here; I want to go for more”

Nolito will be honored tomorrow by the Celta at the end of the match against Elche. The Andalusian winger has not been able to recover in time from his injury and has been left out of a 18 player squad in which it does appear Kevin Vázquez after receiving medical discharge. In the preview of the meeting with the ilicitano team, Edward Coudet He has answered the question that he had been avoiding for weeks and has affirmed that the next campaign will continue on the sky-blue bench:

uncertainty about the future: “I try to focus myself and the players in tomorrow’s game. We are going to face a rival that with the current coach has got a lot of points and has done it in good shape. We intend to leave a very good image and give a victory to our fans in this last game at home. Talking about the future is difficult and until the tournament is over we can’t focus on what’s to come”.

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Schedule change: “It happened like this and that’s it. We are going to face it in the best way and play a great game at home. The change of schedules and all that is already past”.

Balance of the season: “We have achieved the main objective and calmly. We knew what we had, yes to meet that goal, but I don’t think we had to go for more. Football-wise, the team has shown many good things. Luckily, the great difficulties have been with the objective achieved. If this thing of having several casualties had happened in the middle of the season, we would have gone through it differently. If we want to go for something more, we need more. I don’t want it to sound like an excuse, but we’re fair. To make the leap we need other things”.

nolito: “How can it not have an engine? He is a guy who runs a lot of meters per game. Being so professional and training as he does every day, he obviously can hold his own in First Division”.

Gallardo: “Regarding the game, he has shown to have qualities and understanding from the game circuit, from the transitions, from the movements… the reality is that the numbers, in terms of goals for a striker, have not been that many. He has helped us a lot. We went to look for, within the possibilities we had, a player who was discarded in a club to try to put him in the best shape. What has hurt him the most have been those two injuries in a row when he was in good shape. Sometimes you have to be lucky, but I’m remembering Courtois’s save down there, which was crazy, Ter Stegen’s the other day, shots at the goalposts… He created situations for the team”.

Iago Aspas: “I always see it the same. He likes to play soccer. The only way to help him get an award is to keep creating chances for him. The team is doing it.”

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Relationship with the fans: “Excellent, I feel very loved. At the beginning, more than one of them told me that he was scared because we had gotten one point out of fifteen. I never feared being in the last positions. Our biggest deficit has been effectiveness, but it has been a year of reaffirming a football idea. I had to be here as a player, having a great team, but we also went as visitors and kicked the rival goal twice. How many times, like the last match at the Camp Nou, did you see Celta play this way, as equals with Barcelona? You never won at the Alavés pitch, once at Barcelona… and those statistics are reversed based on an idea”.

quality jump: “I already knew the tools I had, we know the deficiencies we have. Due to the characteristics of our players, it is difficult when we have to generate in less space and with revulsive players. Except for Iago, everything is based on the work of circulation and movement. We don’t have a guy who can dribble past two players and score a goal. That is why I always highlight the brutal growth of these players and this squad. They are the same as two years ago and three were saved on the last day. I like the demand, I want to go for more, but I show reality. It’s not an excuse. If I tell you that we are winning 2-0 and I have to put in two revulsive players, who? I want to go for more, if I don’t get bored. I’m used to being in teams that fought to be champions and wanted to kill you when you lost. Give me the requirement and hopefully some more tools. We have to enter a wheel of being able to sell in order to bring. Two or three years ago there shouldn’t be a good sale and that doesn’t mean that we can grow in the budget. The money that television gives you is for the last five years and we have two positions seventeen. It is important to add positions to have more money. We are going with Bilbao, which has a budget more than double that of us. These two games are important because for us the fact that the club gets a good amount of money, maybe he is a player with a lot more hierarchy”.

Can you confirm its continuity next season?: “We will be here”

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