Ardentía, a First Class speaker

Cádiz made several signings this season and they weren’t just footballers. A new speaker also arrived at Nuevo Mirandillathe one that many Cadiz asked for on social networks: Juan ‘Ardentia’. The famous chirigotero was already a speaker on La Caleta beach and his friendliness and humor even led him to conduct interviews. Now, he does it in the Cadiz stadium and starts laughing in all the games with his occurrences when giving eleven.

Cadiz Shield/Flag

In the last game he presented Fali like this: “He gets so dark that he looks like a central defender from Mali, but he is, with the 3, Fali”. He also had wit for Alex, “The goalkeeper in the center of the field and hair like a package of Risketos of the greats. With number 8, Álex Fernández”.

Surname Chust It has been the subject of jokes on several occasions: “The child of the sub 21, with a surname of regrowth” or “with a surname of a mijita of distemper”. Even in English Juan ‘Ardentía’ dared, since he made the promise to give the eleven in this language if Cádiz beat Barça. The last playerwith name of give me a Frenadolwith the trentitú, Víctor Chust”. English is not his strong suit and he recognized it that way.

De Luis Hernández thus highlighted his ability for throw-ins: “The other day he took the throw and the club had to look for ball boys in the Andes mountain range. With number 23, Luis Hernández”. A genius that the fans look forward to every match to see what he surprises with.