Corinna Larsen has declared after the judge’s ruling that she is “deeply disappointed” and is considering appealing it.

A new battle has opened. Corinna Larsen has lit up and has assured that she is “deeply disappointed” that the judge has dismissed her lawsuit with Juan Carlos I. In addition, she has said: “Juan Carlos has deployed his entire arsenal to destroy me.” It was the first reaction of the German businesswoman after the High Court of England has filed the case and concluded that the emeritus cannot be tried in the United Kingdom for the aforementioned lawsuit by the princess.

The High Court has concluded that the emeritus cannot be tried in the United Kingdom for this matter as he “lacks jurisdiction.” “My main conclusion is that it lacks jurisdiction to hear this claim. This is because it has not been brought against the defendant in its country of domicile, as is its default right; and the plaintiff has not convinced me that it has strong and defensible arguments that his claim falls within an exception to that default rule,” Judge Collins Rice said.

In the resolution, to which Europa Press has had access, the judge has indicated that she is not convinced that the defendant has submitted, or should be considered to have submitted, to the jurisdiction of the Superior Court for his own conduct of this litigation. Until now.

The decision was announced this Friday after last July the court heard the arguments of the defense of Juan Carlos I, in charge of the British firm Velitor Law.