Cordón: “I'm not going to talk about whether there are offers or not for Loren”

Antonio Cordón, sports director of Real Betis, has referred this Monday to Loren's future, although he has not wanted to give clues about it or confirm or deny if there are offers at the club for the Marbella striker, contrary to what Pellegrini did. last Friday, when he did confirm that offers had been received for Sanabria and assured that “they had not been considered” as insufficient and that the Paraguayan forward “we need him and he stays with us.”

“What Pellegrini commented (he explained after the victory against Valladolid that Loren was left out of the list of 23 because he has done little preseason and must regain his best weight) is absolutely right and those are the circumstances, nothing more. He is one more player, like everyone else, we are happy with him. Whether offers arrive or not, we are not going to be talking about it. It is not my way of acting and working. The things that happen within the club, when they happen, everyone will know ”, Cordón explained during an interview with Canal Sur Radio, in which he discussed many other issues.

Regarding whether there are many entry and exit movements yet to take place in the final stretch of the market, Cordón said that “I am not focusing exclusively on signings. It is a part, which I know is something that seems the most important. We are focusing on growing at all levels of the club, at the team level, mentality, work… I am very concerned about the general growth of the club, apart from the future of the market, which for all clubs and Europe is being difficult ”.

The left back is one of the needs to be covered, according to Cordón himself confirmed days ago, although for him to arrive he is a player -and another position that Pellegrini wants to cover- it is necessary to release a file and make a transfer that leaves money in the box, such as Loren's: “Ten days left. I'm calm, we have all the posts folded except one. We are prepared for when we have the option to do this. We have a technical secretariat that has been working for a long time. The conditions, what player profile we can have, and depending on the economy, within this situation I am clear that the player who has to come has to be like those who have come, committed, who fight to come to Betis, who do pineapple, make force and add. That is the main thing we are looking for, that they join the group and we get to have the most balanced squad possible. We would like to have top players in all positions, but the reality of world football is not that. We will try to please everyone, although I do not like to work based on the opinion of others ”.

Cordón does not hide the economic difficulties that the club is going through – like the vast majority due to the crisis – when it comes to going to the market: “There are no movements due to the world crisis. Betis is not exempt from this, like no club. I would have to ask the economic director. The situation is undoubtedly difficult, as in most European clubs. It is a reality and it must be faced as it is and not as we would like it to be ”.

However, the Betis sports director is satisfied with the team that Betis has. “We are not going to cry. What there is is what there is, I have commented that the club had great players, that we had to make adjustments as they have been done, due to economic circumstances, players who are excellent professionals have arrived, as they are showing. Perhaps they have lost other options but by coming to Betis they have wanted to get involved, by working with the figure of our coach. It is important for a professional to say that they have worked with a coach like Manuel. The reality is what we have, we have to do our best, make a group, work hard every day. The economic reality is what there is, we are aware of what is happening worldwide, we have a staff that last year did not give the result that everyone expected and our obligation is to get the most out of it, which is why they have brought us ”, Cordon has explained.