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Copa del Rey basketball: The night that Pablo Laso claimed after winning his 19 title: “Speak very well about me, coo”

Gabby Barker





“My greatest pride is our competitiveness in time,” said the coach, elated after Real Madrid's victory in the final

Laso hugs with Campazzo, during the final.

Pablo Laso was especially euphoric Sunday night in the entrails of Carpena. It was not be for lowerly. How well I pronounce Facundo Campazzo, had the Copa del Rey “between eyebrow and eyebrow” after losing the last two, and that way, against Bara. So the press conference served the technician for relief. He had just conquered his 19 title since he landed in the convulsed bench of Real Madrid all in 2011.

The Vitoriano, who in the morning had seen his son Aksel lose the final of the mini-cup, spoke of the state in which the team had arrived in Mlaga, after a beginning of the year of not too much stability either in the game or in the results . “The 'were crazy years' we had a laugh”He said about that phrase that coaches handle about the 'before yesterday' game, about, for example, the defeat of a few days ago in the WiZink against Joventut: “We are in a competition with a very demanding schedule and it is difficult keep the competitive level 100%. You can't just trust the result. “

Laso spoke of the sacrifices of his players, of a medical body that had not worked so much in his life, of the painful Rudy Fernndez, of Anthony Randolph and his twin, from Jeff Taylor, who will have to do tests … But, at one point, when asked about the six Cup titles he had just won, one more than Ato Garca Reneses, the coach broke out in a hilarious 'speech'. “Ato is a reference at all levels. I was on his campus when I was cro and had two hours giving me long passes,” he began. “That speaks very well of Ato (the five Cups). With which he speaks very well of me, coo, if I have won more than l. Fuck, I will have to say it!”, I pronounced before breaking out loud.

More reflective, Laso also value the extraordinary period in which Real Madrid lives. In the final 26 in nine seasons, he reached 19 titles (six Cups, five Leagues, five Super Cups, two Euroleagues and one Intercontinental). Unthinkable does nothing. “Those 19 titles speak very well of our competitiveness over time. The greatest pride is that this team always competes. I cannot ask them to win, but I have to demand them to always compete. That is non-negotiable. And in that I can only have words of praise for my team, “he concluded.

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