'Cold war' of signings

Neymar starred in the last great battle between Barcelona and Real Madrid for a player. It was in 2013. Until the last minute, the Brazilian player kept suspense about what his fate would be, probably to get a better contract and a better commission for his father. Florentino Pérez, given the figures that were being handled, decided to withdraw from the bidding. Time proved him right, because Operation Neymar ended up in court. The white president then looked the other way … towards Bale, whom he ended up signing for 101 million.

These days both entities, flagships of Spanish football, relive that particular Cold War in the market. They do it in a very similar situation, with their finances (more in the Blaugrana case) very affected by the fall in income due to the coronavirus and with the need to revitalize a squad that is glimpsing decline after having won many titles. In that particular cold war of signings, as before with Neymar, Alves or Beckham himself, now there are essentially two names on the table, those of Haaland and Alaba. And others that may interest both entities, such as Camavinga or Pogba, the latter, great outsider of the next transfer market.

Haaland's case is the most obvious, given that the player's father and his representative, Mino Raiola, did not want to hide when, on the same day, they visited the facilities of Barça, where Laporta received them, and Real Madrid, where he did the same. José Ángel Sánchez himself, to transfer the economic salary claims that the striker had and those of Borussia for a transfer. Mino Raiola, a sports father to the footballer, has a great friendship with Laporta. On the contrary, not much chemistry with Florentino, with whom he had a run-in when both were negotiating, in 2016, the possible incorporation of Pogba to Madrid from Juve.

But Haaland's future doesn't depend on personal friendships. The player, aware that any of the offers he has on the table will cover what he asks to be paid per year (around 12 million net), thinks to prioritize sports projects, the option that ensures him win more titles in the short term term and choose to be the Ballon d'Or. On the other hand, it will be necessary to satisfy what Borussia wants to let the player out this summer. If he did it in 2022, he would be obliged to facilitate his departure at a reasonable price, that is the pact he reached with Raiola.

Con Praise the situation is similar. Laporta's relationship with Pini Zahavi is excellent and the two have seen each other recently, but Alaba's desire, as with Haaland, is to play for Real Madrid. There the white entity has it easier. Just wait to see what happens with the renovations of Varane but, above all, of Ramos. At the end of the contract, Praise There is no transfer to pay for the Austrian defender, who would earn around 20 million gross (net) per year. The operation is feasible for Madrid and Barça. Alaba, like Haaland, are protagonists of this particular Cold War.