Colate reveals that he suffered attempted sexual abuse when he was a child: “I didn't tell anyone”

The Spanish businessman living in Miami is the new signing of the program Friday. She will sit on the set of Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona on the 5th to talk about her relationship with Paulina Rubio (mother of his son Andrea) and reveal some hitherto hidden secrets of his life: “Life has given me many twists and turns. I had a bad experience, an attempted sexual abuse.”

Vallejo-Nágera flows He remembers that trauma as a turning point in his life: “Yes, I never told anyone. I think that's where my rebellion started a little.”

The businessman jumped onto the pages of the coated paper in 2006 with the help of Paulina Rubio. A year after starting their courtship, they said “I do” in the Mexican Caribbean in a grand party. In 2010, their only child together was born, Andrea Nicolas. The couple separated in 2012 and not exactly in a friendly way: “In '99 I met Paulina. She had a partner at that time. I saw things that didn't fit me. All divas must be capricious, but she made a lot of efforts to be the best. The last phrase my father ever said to me was 'This woman is going to ruin your life', and suddenly one day something happened and from that day until today. Never again,” Colate confesses.

Their divorce was tortuous and, despite the years that have passed, they have not managed to maintain the slightest cordiality. Not even for her son, whose custody has become the point of all their conflicts, many of them resolved in court. Colate already claimed in an interview that Paulina had “ruined” him through litigation and even accused him of “kidnapping.” This Friday, he goes one step further: “There were black hands that closed my chances of working.”