‘Co-ord’ or the trend that triumphs to dress at festivals

If the last few years in the fashion industry have stood out for something, it is for a strong revival of decades-long trends previous. From the 50s to the 2000s, the trends follow each other year after year in a retro key, that is, with garments that imitate those that were worn in those years but with a more avant-garde touch and certain more current brushstrokes.

One of the trends that reappears every year is the one that puts ensembles on the rise, this time at the hands of the co-ord, in which the two pieces are the protagonists of a street style designed for the summer season, but also to enjoy the best festivals.

Fashions and trends are adapting to the moment in which they reappear, thus giving rise to a mix between what was previously worn and certain more modern touches. It is precisely from this mixture that a trend emerges that will fill your entire wardrobe with color and diversity, recreating that aesthetic of the 90s where the match between pieces made fashion more comfortable but also full of style.

Charo Ruiz, Celia B y PROJECT X PARIS They have the co-ord designs that you won’t want to take off this entire season, designs with varied aesthetics, from the preppy Mediterranean touch that characterizes the Ibizan firm so much, to the urban touches of PROJECT X PARIS.

Ibizan style

Ibiza reappears in the fashion imagination like every summer and with a leading role in it street stylehowever, the trend coord enhances the potential of this aesthetic that is perfect for those who want to show off a more preppy at festivals. And without a doubt, the Charo Ruiz models are the ones chosen by those who know the most about fashion due to their color and versatility.

Top Tasting, by Charo Ruiz Ibiza. RRP: €209 and Short Alida, by Charo Ruiz Ibiza. RRP: €149

‘Colorfull’ in print

Although prints are an essential in the fashion of twin sets, now have a much more sophisticated look in outfits adorned with both ruffles on the hem and contrasting piping. Designs that are also close to that style preppy so desired this season with miniskirts, scoop necks and that mix between sweetness and daring, this is the summer collection of Celia B.

Floral shirt, by CELIA B. RRP: €107.95

Floral skirt, by CELIA B. RRP: €147.95

The most urban total look

The trendand co-ord It is also used in the most urban total looks by the hand of PROJECT X PARISa brand that is loved by the most adept at streetwear and that it will be perfect to show off this casual touch that we like so much at festivals.

Short jacket and shorts from PROJECT X PARIS. RRP: €50