Clemente Lequio surprises by commenting on the Obregón issue: “I want to meet my niece”

He is one of the few close relatives who had yet to comment on the new member of the Lequio-Obregón family, and his position has surprised many. Clemente, brother of the deceased Alessis very happy with the news and applauds Ana’s decision to have used her son’s sperm to continue her legacy: “He wants to meet the girl.”

Clement Lequiowho does not have a very fluid relationship with his father and whose mother (Antonia Dell’Atte) has had a historic confrontation with Ana Obregón for years, supports the actress one hundred percent: “He applauds her, supports her and encourages her even if Ana decides to have more children from Aless Lequio. She assures that she has not yet contacted her but that she is seriously thinking of sending her a message because she would like to meet the girl”, they said in it’s already noon.

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And that’s not all: Clemente has revealed that he contacted his father the day the news came to light and that, contrary to what many thought, Alessandro Lequio “He is very happy with the birth of the girl and the fact that he has become a grandfather.” About the alleged tensions between his father and Ana Obregonis clear: “It may be other issues that have distanced them, but not the birth of the girl.”

It must be remembered that Clemente managed to have an excellent relationship with his brother Aless, and became a great support for him when he was diagnosed with the disease. “I love you Aless, an immense pain that in a very small part is relieved by the thought that you are no longer suffering. Someday we will see each other again and we will be able to enjoy all the wasted and wasted time,” he wrote after his death. .