Carmen Borrego, devastated: the arrival of her grandson is approaching but her son and daughter-in-law do not treat her

She has said it herself carmen borrego repeatedly: that she greatly regrets granting that exclusive saying that she was going to be a grandmother. Let’s not forget that it was she who announced that her daughter-in-law was pregnant.

But not only that: he took advantage of that exclusive and received that good money to shoot his daughter-in-law, Paola Olmedo, and her mother, which blew up the relationship with his son José María Almoguera and his wife. Everything blew up. Since then they have moved closer positions, but things have not finished fixing themselves. Carmen, from what they tell us, has tried everything, first because she is a madrass who adores her son, and second, because she doesn’t want to miss a minute of the life she will be. his first grandson.

At the moment, she has not been able to be close to her daughter-in-law and her son in the nine months of pregnancy. They tell us that she has not gone to a single examination and she was not even invited to the birthday party. baby shower that they celebrated Maybe that’s why Carmen is even more nervous right now. Her daughter-in-law is due in April and she expects to be notified when she is due to give birth.

The youngest of Maria Teresa Campos She wants to be at the birth of that child, like the grandmother she is, but of course, it doesn’t depend on her. “This situation is the one that has hurt him the most in recent months. He has cried a lot for not being able to see his son and he has greatly regretted having done that exclusive, even though it was agreed to by them”

What his son and his daughter-in-law did not expect were the comments about Paola and her mother-in-law, and less everything that was mounted later in Save me and where she participated, such as the persecution of the reporters of the program in which Borrego works or the audios that were leaked. Everything overwhelmed José and his wife and they believed that Carmen could have stopped it but she stretched the gum “.

The program broadcast some audios in October in which Paola Olmedo spoke with her clients at the beauty center about her new in-laws. She affirmed that the Campos are “haughty”, Terelu a “stiff” and Alejandra Rubio “a big mouth”, Among many other things. Borrego pointed out the mistake of her daughter-in-law (“Paola daughter, you are very stupid, you have fallen into the trap”) but then defended her for the well-being of her son José María.

After that everything got worse and nothing was the same again. In fact, her son and daughter-in-law did not have a relationship with her again until she Maria Teresa Campos she got sick at Christmas and everyone visited her in the hospital. “They did not even get together on those very important dates. Carmen is very sad and tense and she does not stop writing and calling him to solve it and normalize the situation. She even does it on TV. She no longer talks about him and whenever she can, she puts the wedge that she loves him and will always be there. She can’t stand the situation”.

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As if this were not enough, the delicate moment of health that he is living Maria Teresa Campos doesn’t help either. Carmen and Terelu are very worried about her mother. They take turns going to see her so that she spends as little time as possible without anyone they trust, like Gustavo, who, as always, is giving himself up. But this also makes a dent in her spirit, which they tell us is on the ground. “He has very bad days,” they conclude.