Claramunt compares Simeone to Di Stéfano

Pepe Claramunt, Valencia legend in the 60s and, especially 70, was a period footballer who reached his best version when the disappeared Alfredo di Stéfano He was coach of the che team. International 23 times with the Spanish national team, the Valencian, 74, has compared the legendary Argentine player with his compatriot and today coach of the Atlético de Madrid Diego Simeone.

“As a coach, Di Stefano he was someone who knew how to transmit his ideas, “ The Triball Football, where he added that “he chose me to be the captain of the Valencia. He was a great motivator, whose winning mentality was very contagious to the spirit and attitude of the team. We didn't really have great players at Valencia CF, but Di Stéfano turned us into a big block and we won the League in 1970-71 and what is now called the Copa del Rey, in addition to reaching three Copa del Generalissimo finals during that memorable time ”.

For this reason, when asked for a comparison, Claramunt looks towards the Metropolitan: “As for today's coaches, I would say that Diego Simeone at Atlético de Madrid would be compared to Di Stéfano in that he is a great motivator for his players, he has a winner-takes-all mentality and is focused on the outcome being a victory for his team and is not concerned with how well the team played, but is very concerned because of how effective they are when trying to win the game, “he said.