A Catalan club refuses to play because the protocol is not clear

So far, non-professional competitions continue with training in all their categories with the start of the season stipulated from October. But there is already a club that have made the decision to resign, with all that this may mean. This entity is CE Benavent, from Lleida, a club that is active in the Tercera Catalana and that assumes the sporting consequences of not competing (relegation, fine and impossibility of not promoting in two years).

“It is not worth putting anyone at risk. We believe that this will stop. It is not a radical decision, but a coherent one, health is ahead”, says Álex Florensi, secretary of the entity. This club, which represents the Benavent de Segrià town of 1,500 inhabitants, only has one amateur team. The news was received with diversity of opinions. “We talked to them. Some consider it a good decision, others not. Some do not want to expose themselves, and others wanted to play,” he said.

In social networks, on the other hand, there has been more support. “There have been more good comments than bad,” he says. The entity's statement makes it clear that “tAs we announced in the statement a few weeks ago, we do not see a clear protocol on the part of the authorities, either on the part of the Government of the Generalitat or the Catalan Football Federation. And after the meeting that we had with this last establishment on September 3, we saw it even more difficult. We saw an FCF that did not assume any type of responsibility and that the only thing that interested him was to collect the mutual benefits of the players. At this meeting they also announced to us that if the 20-21 season had to be suspended before the end of the first round, the season would be declared void. “