Clara Chía, follower of polygamy: they say that Piqué has a free hand

The very young girlfriend of the former soccer player opens and closes her Instagram at the rate that blinks and in one of those, the most curious Internet users have realized a surprising fact: Clara Chia She is a follower of The Poly Spot, an account that defends ‘modern’ feminism and polygamy to which the former waitress ‘likes’ almost daily.

This page questions traditional monogamous relationships and advocates free love and affective relationships based on dialogue, launching messages against exclusivity and normative love. and the followers of Pique and Chía have drawn their conclusions: Shakira’s ex has a free hand. “We already know why she changed to Shakira for Clara”, “I mean, he’s going to continue being just as unfaithful and promiscuous but with permission”, “Hahaha… The problem is that when Piqué realizes that Clara Chía is unfaithful to him, he’s going to leave her because he just consent to polygamy for him”, “There is nothing wrong with it, nor is it a crime to be in favor of NO monogamy, it is a way of seeing and living life”, they say.

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It must be remembered that Piqué has been singled out for his alleged infidelities to Shakira. In recent months, the media have covered the parties that the businessman enjoyed in the VIP rooms of the most exclusive nightclubs in Barcelona and even the parties that he organized in his ‘bachelor’ apartment when he still lived with the mother of his children. Clara, for her part, was also in a relationship when she met Piqué and, according to people in her circle, both were unfaithful to their respective partners when they began their courtship.