This Thursday, the publicist presented his latest book in Madrid, sixteen notesand he has done it with a very special guest: his new girlfriend, Natalia Almarcha. His presence has been quite a surprise because only a few days ago he himself Risto Mejide he confessed: “I could pose with her in a photocall and for you it would only be a photo, but I have to be careful because the relationship is going with it.” The young woman has not posed next to her boyfriend but she has not hidden either and she has followed the event from the front row, radiant and very pretty for her ‘presentation’ to the media.

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The ex of Laura Scanes confirmed their relationship after a magazine published some images of the two during a romantic getaway: “I have found a person who pursues the same goal as me,” he explained. “In the photos I am with a person I am getting to know, it is a relationship that has just begun, a stage that has just begun.” She also added that she was going through “a very happy stage and I am not going to disown” and finished off: “Yes, I am in love.”

This Thursday Risto, who has also been accompanied by friends like Marilo Montero, Edurne o Adriana Abeniahas attended the media: “I am happy to celebrate that there is a book that is worth it.” sixteen notes tells the love story between Johann Sebastian Bach and his second wife, 16 years younger than him: “Love has no age or sex or religion, that’s what this novel is about,” he explained.

Mejide did not want to talk about his girl “because then it seems that you use your personal life to sell books”, but he stressed that “I am happy in all facets of my life and that is reflected in the book”. In addition, he has assured that his relationship with his ex-wife and mother of his daughter Roma, who premiered a live podcast this Thursday, is extraordinary: “We have congratulated each other on all our projects, I wish him the best. He’s going to rock it.”