Cisco García: “‘Wings for life’ gave me goals to fight for in 2016 and now I’m with them to the death”


The Spanish chair tennis player Francisco ‘Cisco’ García celebrates having been chosen as ambassador on May 7 of a new edition of the ‘Wings for Life Run World’ race, “a very important project” and with “a very nice end ” with whom he is “to the death” because he does not forget that in 2016 he gave him “goals to fight for”.

The ‘Wings for Life Run World’, which this year is in its tenth edition, is a charity run created by the Wings for Life Foundation, which has the support of Red Bull and which allocates all proceeds to research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries, which Cisco Garcia sustained in the serious fall he suffered at the end of 2015 while snowboarding in Austria.

This race has the peculiarity that it runs at the same time all over the world and without a fixed goal, since each participant can set their goal and must try to meet it before a virtual car called ‘Catcher Car’ reaches them. Last year, 165 races were held with 161,892 participants from 192 nations and 4.7 million euros were raised, which increased all the money obtained since its first edition to more than 38 million.

“For me, ‘Wings for life’ is an important and beautiful project. Curiously, I went directly to run it in Valencia when I left the Toledo National Hospital in 2016, where everyone knew about the foundation and which gives you a lot of hope because at In the end, the spinal cord is the great forgotten and, I think, it is not investigated as much,” said Cisco García in an interview Europa Press

The Andalusian also found it “very, very hopeful for many” that Red Bull was behind this initiative with the ‘Wings for Life’ Foundation. “I left and went there with ‘thirty-odd’ friends. My friends used to go running a lot, they loved it and they said they had never seen a race so cool. It has a lot of peculiarities like it doesn’t have a finish line, It is a car that is chasing you, that is raced worldwide on the same day and at the same time, so when you are running you know that at 3 in the morning they are also racing in Australia”, he remarked.

“It’s like a very special race and you know on top of that it’s for a nice purpose because everything that is taken out is for research into a spinal cord cure. It’s an important race, I really liked running it in 2016, there was a ‘ great atmosphere'”, added the tennis player.

For this reason, when they called him from ‘Wings for life’ to be an ambassador for this edition, he did not hesitate. “For me it was an honor, it was like saying ‘Oysters, you helped me in 2016, you gave me goals to fight for and you are helping people in a chair like me and now I am with you to the death, whatever you want’ “, he stressed.

Cisco García also knows the importance of being a speaker for other people in a chair, a role that he has been carrying out for many years through social networks. “It is the main reason why I opened my (social) networks, to say that you can be in a chair, but that you can do a lot of things, many more than people imagine, such as riding a ‘quad’ or a jet ski, travel the world or have a social life, whatever you want”, he commented.

“All the young people who come talk about you, they ask, you give them hope and they say ‘Oysters, if this kid is cool, I can be cool too.’ stressed the Cordoba.

García emphasizes the importance of having a “very cool” brand like Red Bull behind it. “It is with sports of all kinds, with creative people, with the world of ‘rap’… It is a brand that is very cool and when I was there the whole atmosphere they have is amazing, with young people. It’s a great pleasure ‘ Being there with them and with Red Bull you will always be grateful for, it also gives you a lot of peace of mind that behind these foundations is such a serious and important company,” he said.