Jorge Javier Vázquez gets on Ana Obregón’s bandwagon: Antoñita the fantastic

“We were few and the grandmother ‘gave birth’.” It’s the saying that these days it comes in handy for that matter Ana Obregon. Although she, at 68, did not give birth, but she has had a girl (a granddaughter) as a surrogate in Miami, where this practice is legal, unlike in our country. According to the actress, presenter and biologist in her exclusive Holato fulfill the last will of his deceased son Aless Lequiowhose is the semen with which the creature was gestated, called Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón. The young entrepreneur wanted to have five children and the protagonist of Ana and the 7He even left the door open in his report from Miami: “Man, I would have liked a boy too, but who knows? My son wanted to have five children, so maybe the boy will come one day too.”

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Television talk shows have been filled with hours and hours of debate on the matter. The morality of surrogacy is put on the table, as we said, illegal in our country, but also Obregón’s age to start taking care of a child. There is also talk of mental health, since her biological son died almost three years ago, in May 2020. The international media have also echoed the news, as Ana herself proudly boasts on her social networks. .

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Jorge Javier Vazquez has opined on Save me of the matter and, in their networks, they have also jumped on the bandwagon. In the new episode of his podcast, Fortunato’s donkeysthe editor and screenwriter Dove Rando show the book you have at home: That’s how I amthe autobiography that Obregón released in 2012, speaking, among other topics, of his love affairs with Miguel Bosethe missing Ferdinand Martin, Alessandro Lequio, David Beckham o Davor Suker: “I have to tell you that it was a sales failure”, added Jorge Javier. The one from Badalona also joked: “I was [catalogado] in Science Fiction”.

Journalist sanguine johnwho collaborates in Jorge’s space with Rando and the scriptwriter Isabel Vazquezadded: “The subject of Ana, of Antoñita the fantastic, is curious. People are always very amused that she invents things, when the folkloric inventor has always existed, that Lola Flores said: ‘I turn lies into truth when I tell them'”.