Cinema afternoon in Mallorca: the kings, their daughters and Doña Sofía bet on ‘Oppenheimer’

We were already doing them on private vacations far from Majorca but this Thursday, Felipe, Letizia and their daughters, Leonor and Sofía, have reappeared in the center of Palma to enjoy one of their family passions: cinema. The chosen film has been Oppenheimer, a biography about the inventor of the atomic bomb, starring Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt.

They were dressed in casual clothes (the girls in flowing dresses and the queen in satin pants and a wide blouse) and the atmosphere between them was very relaxed and friendly. They tried to go unnoticed, something practically impossible.

The last time we saw the kings and their daughters in Palma was on August 5, when they went out to dinner at one of their favorite establishments on the Balearic island, Mia. Then they were also accompanied by Doña Sofía and her sister, the Infanta Irene or Aunt Pecu, as they call her in private. Then they did attend to the photographers, before whom they posed for five minutes.

It was then believed that this family reunion was the farewell before the kings and their daughters began to enjoy their private vacations. The truth is that it is not known if they have remained in Mallorca all these days or if they left and returned, hence the surprise of the islanders when they found them this Thursday in the center of the capital. Let us remember that Princess Leonor will enter the Military Academy of Zaragoza on August 17 to begin her training in the Army as heir to the crown, while Infanta Sofía will travel to Wales a few days later to begin her training at the UC Atlantic boarding school College, from which her sister graduated last June.